COMMUNITY – 2000 Trees Festival 2017 – afterLIVE’s Line-Up Wish List

Photo Courtesy of 2000 Trees (many thanks)

One of the best things about Christmas being over is that we can stop pretending we’re jolly and start to focus on the ACTUAL ‘most wonderful time of the year.’ That’s right everyone, Festival Season is nearly here and soon enough (161 days and counting) the almighty 2000 Trees Festival will be underway!

With a line-up announcement surely imminent, those wonderful folk over at 2K started to fuel the fire with a Facebook post asking who YOU would want on this year’s 2000 Trees Spotify playlist.

Dynamite suggestions were made, but here are just five of the artists that you guys suggested (who we would really like to see play at Upcote Farm this July, pretty please 2K-lords)

1. Jimmy Eat World.

It’s hardly necessary to point it out but, Jimmy Eat World have been leaders of their own genre for more than twenty years. The release of 2001’s ‘Bleed American’ brought an onslaught of anthems that NEED to be screamed across Upcote Farm. Their last UK tour was a WHOLE two months ago so we reckon it’s about time they hurried back

2. Moose Blood.

It’s difficult to criticize 2000 Trees (it genuinely hurts to attempt it) but last year UK-newcomers/instant heroes Moose Blood clashed with Twin Atlantic. They, without a doubt, deserved to headline the almighty Axiom stage (which also played host to Wolf Alice, Frank Turner and Dead!). Nevertheless, it was frustrating that this well-earned honour saw them play at the same time as the mainstage headliners and, seen as they have now released their debut album and smashed an arena tour with A Day To Remember, it’s only right they make a return to 2000 Trees, preferably clash free.

3. Marmozets 

Back in August 2016 Marmozets broke a relatively long quiet spell by announcing that they were heading to a recording studio in a matter of days. A lot of people are beyond excited to see what “the most exciting young band in Britain” will do with album number two and, when it’s released, carnage is bound to ensue. 2017 is likely to be a big year for Marmozets, who have been steadily building momentum for years. Could a 2000 Trees appearance be one of the highlights?

Photo Credit: Jess Jones
Photo Courtesy of 2000 Trees
The Cave Stage, 2000 Trees Festival 2016 Photo: Hayley Smith









4. Don Broco

Don Broco are nothing if not adaptable, jumping from genre to genre as if there are no goddamn rules (spoiler alert: there are no rules so calm down). The Bedford lads nailed their Download, Encore Stage, set last year and have already been announced for Slam Dunk Festival 2017. They’ll be touring Japan alongside Fall Out Boy supporting One Ok Rock (as ya do) throughout May but it looks like they’re wide open for July at the moment…

5. The Lounge Kittens.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best thing about festivals is finding new bands, doing new things. The Lounge Kittens have forged a career out of covering legendary rock tracks in their own piano-jazz styling (with an extra helping of beautiful harmonies). If a piano can be squeezed onto the Forest stage then it is almost mandatory that these beautiful ladies do their thing whilst we all chill out in hammocks.

6. You Me At Six

OKAY I LIED, there are six acts on the list, sue me. I didn’t originally intend to have You Me At Six on here but I have just come back from a very special acoustic You Me At Six show and I have completely changed my mind. Love them or hate them, there is one thing that I can’t dispute.

You Me At Six have done an awful lot for British music. As a band they have firmly pointed the spotlight towards what our home grown acts can produce. As individuals they have helped other British bands find their feet through support slots, direct record producing and, most recently, declaring a full frontal war on ticket touts and re-selling sites. For that, they deserve a sweet spot on the line-up of the festival that has been putting British music back on the map for as long as YMAS has.


Main Stage, 2000 Trees Festival 2016 Photo: Hayley Smith



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