Alibi, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar – Brighton, 20.01.2018 Photo Credit: Charlotte Hall

Recognise these guys? You might have seen them play Reading and Leeds Fest last year, or caught the video for their latest single, Space, Man, or even saw them smash their set at the last afterLIVE show. Either way, they’re a bit more than fantastic. This is Alibi.

Since our surprise relocation to Hastings last summer we’ve asked about for recommendations on the bands that make the locals most proud. It’s a very musically

Formed in 2015, it has been a remarkable three years for Alibi. From jamming in vocalist Maxi Williams’ bedroom to performing on the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds fest 2017, the indie-rock quartet have been on a steady rise to triumph.

Their success story began in Hastings, East Sussex, when Williams invited guitarist Matt Edwards and bassist Benji Meacham to listen to a handful of songs he had written.

“Alibi formed in my bedroom.” explains Williams “I already knew Matt and Benji and I had wanted to be in a band with them for a while. It ended up sounding good and eventually Wes joined and we started rehearsing and gigging!”

It’s a simple tale and so easy to connect with that it will endear fans to them for years to come. But the sound that the boys were working on became something really rather special.

Reminiscent of The Libertines and The Black Keys, they harness a subdued style with contained electric decorations. Catchy-hook lyrics wrapped up in entrancing echo effects and effective guitar riffs, Alibi’s offerings on Spotify are a solid beginning.

In July last year the single Space, Man was given a galactic professional video which served to showcase another level of Alibi’s creativity and bring the track to life.

That creativity may well be rooted in Alibi’s hometown. Hastings has a reputation for cultivating musical ability, so much so that the arts council have had to start building into the ocean to accommodate the number of live music events that take place here.

But for Alibi, that’s where the hometown stimulus ends.

Alibi, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar- Brighton, 20.01.2018 Photo Credit: Charlotte Hall

“I don’t feel our hometown has had a huge influence on us” explains Williams “but it has made us realise that just because we’re from a small seaside town doesn’t mean we can’t achieve big things.”

And achieve big things they certainly have –taking their charming live performance to bigger musical nucleus cities across the country, hitting up Birmingham, London and most recently, Brighton where they joined the line-up for afterLIVE LIVE III!

With every show, every radio play and every new track, Alibi are steadily expanding their fan base. Those fans are the kind that scream in joy at their shows and recommend them, emphatically, to all newcomers.

2018 will be a significant year for Alibi and whilst they’ve kicked it off in the best possible way (by playing afterLIVE LIVE obviously) Maxi, Matt, Benji and Wez have many more tricks up their sleeve, as Williams suggests:

“Our plan is to rehearse as much as possible. Play live as much as possible. Become as tight as ever. We’ve also got a few releases coming soon and possibly more recording.. .but we can’t say too much!”

So, if you need us, we’ll be over here waiting for Alibi’s new release okay?

STALK ALIBI HERE: Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. iTunes. Spotify

Alibi, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar – Brighton, 20.01.2018 Photo Credit: Charlotte Hall





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