All Time Low – Genting Arena, Birmingham – LIVE REVIEW

All Time Low, Genting Arena – Birmingham, 15.03.2018 Photo Credit: Paige Williamson

It was one hell of a ride to get there but when All Time Low announced that they would be playing their debut album, So Wrong It’s Right, in full at Birmingham’s Genting Arena…attendance just seemed mandatory.

The UKs dark stars, Creeper, kicked off the night. They’re style is infinitely different from that of All Time Low but their fans share an infectious enthusiasm.

The horror punks from Southampton worked their already iconic image, to the frenzied delight of their fan base who have been sporting Creeper tattoos for years now.

In 2027 we’re likely to all be back in the same room celebrating the ten year anniversary of their debut album, Eternity, in Your Arms.

When Pierce The Veil were all but forced to cancel their appearance on this tour it somewhat dampened the celebratory nature of the thing. For All Time Low’s part, they made the best possible decision available to them.

So Wrong It’s Right was a game changer of an album. Released in September of 2007, it provided multiple instantly classic tracks and gave the scene the lighter edge that it so desperately needed at the time.

To celebrate it’s tenth anniversary All Time Low played So Wrong It’s Right, in full, around the US last year. UK fans have been patiently waiting since. Some more patiently than others.

When they announced that the All-Time-Low-of-Ten-Years-Ago was coming back to the UK after all, people suddenly started playing attention. That is how tonight’s second support act became the main event of this tour.

Just as it was ten years ago, minimal staging was required. All Time Low have never had trouble catching, and keeping, a crowds attention all by themselves.

The puerile antics of guitarist Jack Barakat (who accidentally gave his shoes to a fan tonight) and the banter between him and vocalist Alex Gaskarth has always been the most charming thing about All Time Low.

Whilst it was pretty obvious that playing this album in full wasn’t necessarily their first choice they gave it the old school touch that put them where they are.

Despite this first set, dark corners of the internet have been vocally disappointed at the amount of new material on this tour.

Out of 17 songs, eight of them were from 2017’s Last Young Renegade. That’s not an unreasonable amount. Throw in the fact that they played 11 songs from 2007 before they even started their main set – well…that corner of the internet is wrong.

Of those eight songs, there were certainly some low points, but overall the latest material carried better live than it did on their last UK tour a year ago. Last Young Renegade has proved to be a grower.

All Time Low, Genting Arena – Birmingham, 15.03.2018 Photo Credit: Paige Williamson

No production embellishment was spared: fire jets, a platform into the crowd, two confetti explosions, a streamer cannon and fan footage on the big screen – it ticked every crowd pleasing box.

Thanks to the double set, Remembering Sunday, Therapy and Missing You were all played tonight. For a band that have a reputation as jokers and who have contributed their fair share of light-hearted pop songs to the world, they sure know how to nail a goosebump inducing ballad.

That is, after all, the essence of All Time Low. From day one they haven’t been afraid of laughing at themselves. They can hardly be accused of ever having taken themselves too seriously.

At the same time, they’ve made a concerted effort to create something meaningful and the teasing, somehow, is of no detriment to the fact that they can make their fans burst into tears all over the world.

For years now we’ve been telling ourselves that we’ve outgrown All Time Low. That this is the last time we’re likely to see them.

When we get there we remember that an All Time Low show is nothing short of a rollercoaster and, if we’re honest, we’re never going to stop making the journey.