afterLIVE LIVE, ARXX, The Don’t Knows, The Wingmen- The Palace, Hastings – LIVE REVIEW

afterLIVE LIVE, The Palace – Hastings, 31.08.2018 Photo Credit: Briony Graham-Rudd

There was only one way we could end a long, hot, summer, packed with amazing festivals and incredibly sweaty gigs. We had to throw our own show on the beach. Obviously.

Hastings has proved to be one of music’s best kept secrets. Almost every pub and bar in the seaside town boasts an impressive schedule of live music largely from the overwhelming amount of talented musicians who call this place home.

Both The Wingmen and The Don’t Knows have taken their place in that ever growing community and we were over the moon to welcome them over to the seventh afterLIVE LIVE along with Brighton’s ARXX who, frankly, we’ve been dying to meet for months.

The Wingmen were first up taking to the stage in pressed shirts and trousers but their sound just couldn’t be judged by the dress shoes. Their set was a riff-heavy hybrid of modern rock vehemence and nostalgically suave Brit-rock – all with a stand in drummer.

The Wingmen, The Palace – Hastings, 31.08.2018 Photo Credit: Briony Graham-Rudd

The Don’t Knows are following in the footsteps of their hometown heroes with their own brand of modern-indie. Distinctive vocals set them apart in their own scene whilst it would take an extraordinary show of self control not to bop along with those utterly infectious bass lines.

The Don’t Knows, The Palace – Hastings, 31.08.2018 Photo Credit: Briony Graham-Rudd

Closing out the night was Brighton’s ARXX with their hand created sub-genre of Garage Rock. Hannah Pidduck and Clara Townsend make up this formidable duo which thrash out ferocious drum tracks and a jaw dropping vocal prowess.

From sentimental ballads to down-right breakneck records ARXX have a range that transcends all expectations.

Huge thanks are owed to The Don’t Knows, The Wingmen, ARXX and all at The Palace, Hastings for what was an incredible night of music.




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