AUGUST EXPOSURE – Holding Absence

Holding Absence, 2000 Trees Festival – Cheltenham, 13.07.2018 Photo Credit: Charlotte Hall

Often there is a lot of industry discussion over the succession plan of rock music. Sometimes our community has lengthy discussions about who is the most promising name in our scene. Sometimes the answer isn’t up for debate. This is Holding Absence.

The second annual Heavy Music Awards rolled into London town last week to honour and celebrate the year’s outstanding rock music achievements from Best Live Band to Best Producer and beyond.

Amongst the celebrated were the likes of Enter Shikari, Architects, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, While She Sleeps, Metallica and, nominated for Best UK Breakthrough Act, Holding Absence.

It was a tough category pitting them against Loathe, Venom Prison, Bad Sign, Conjurer, Employed To Serve and Milk Teeth (who took home the prize) but Holding Absence’s nomination was certainly one of the most well deserved of the night.

Formed in Cardiff in 2016, Holding Absence had been together for just six months before finding a much sought after home at SharpTone Records. The relationship might have been a quickly forged one but proved to be a great signing on all sides since SharpTone have helped nurture and protect the band’s need to “write something sincere and honest.”

Through 2017 Holding Absence swiftly became one of the busiest touring bands in Britain clocking up an impressive number of on-the-road hours and leaving them in an enviable position for 2018.

afterLIVE first caught Holding Absence at their defining Boston Music Room show in March this year alongside label mates Loathe and Sleep Token before a standout performance at 2000 Trees Festival this summer.

Holding Absence, 2000 Trees Festival – Upcote Farm, 13.07.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

It wasn’t just us (and the immense 2KT crowd) that enjoyed the latter. Creeper, who were also once considered the best UK breakthrough act before becoming an international name, were clambered at the side of the stage too.

As a live band Holding Absence use an aesthetic that contributes to the show without running the risk of becoming a gimmick. Simple floor lamps with exposed bulbs embellish the stage in lieu of extensive and, more significantly, expensive stage production.

That minimal yet inventive approach only highlights the raw ferociousness of Holding Absence’s sound, brought to life by an enigmatic front man in Lucas Woodland whose vocals never fail to impress.

Under previous management Holding Absence released a flourish of singles and This Is As One, a fascinating EP split with Loathe with our Alyce Hunt reviewed here.

But now Holding Absence are an integral part of Future History Management, a new music and entertainment management and promotions company whose roster also boats the likes of Loathe, Sleep Token and Phoxjaw.

Only time will tell how this new fit will nourish the artistry of Holding Absence but with an appearance at Macmillan Fest 2018 just around the corner and a UK/EU tour with Emo heavyweights As It Is on the horizon, their 2018 looks set to turn them into a household name.

Holding Absence, 2000 Trees Festival – Cheltenham, 13.07.2018 Photo Credit: Charlotte Hall


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