COMMUNITY: 2000 Trees Festival – Building a Festival – DAILY BLOG

Wednesday 10th July: Once the perimeter fencing has been pitched and the artwork is finished it’s time to patch up the site and fill it fit to burst with the team’s incredible creations.

After so many years standing deep in the trees, the forest stage was due a few renovations. The floor has been pulled up and re-built and a new buddy has been constructed along side it. The Forest Sessions bar, making it even easier to chill out there.

In the middle of the site some of the art team got to work sequinning (it’s a verb) the Trees sign whilst the other half were not far off creating a rainbow of ribbons by the Neu stage. Both look sensational in pictures but the real beauty of these installations is how they move in the breeze.

A special shout out is owed to the scaffolding team who, much like the fencers amongst us, put an extraordinary amount of effort into pitching all of the several miles worth of scaffolding around the site for flags and the like.

The forest school has once again been hard at work creating wilderness masterpieces. If you fancy feeling like a fairy, head over there as soon as you arrive on Thursday. Make sure to take your toad stool with you.

And the most important announcement is of course that the bars are being installed as we speak.

At this point in set-up week it’s hard to crack jokes or be witty about what’s happening here because we’ve only got one day left and frankly that’s really emotional.

One day left to make the finishing touches to a festival site that is already the most beautiful we have ever seen.

2000 Trees Festival – Upcote Farm, 10.07.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

Tuesday 10th July: From the bars to the busking stops, the stages to the campsites, 2000 Trees Festival is filled with handmade artwork installations.

Year after year a team of dedicated artists work to bring an ambitious vision to life – be it bespoke ‘2KT’ signs that can be rolled around the stages, a giant ‘TREES’ installation complete with thousands of golden sequins or a tree carefully decorated with ten years worth of polaroid’s and wristbands.

Led by Dan Roblin this year’s art team are working harder than ever.

The golden trees sign that welcomed you all to your favourite festival last year has been lovingly restored for it’s second year. It’s currently standing without it’s ornaments but already looks breath-taking.

A new immersive experience is set to take place in the forest this year which the art team have taken a leading role in. A plethora of green Chinese lanterns have been air painted and hung out to dry ready to decorate the already stunning forest whilst incredibly detailed animal masks have been put together for the staff.

Our personal favourite installation from Room No. 7 last year has been patched up and censored ready for another year whilst a huge beach scene has been air painted and hand drawn to add a bit of sea breeze to the kids area.

And that’s only the bigger pieces…

You’ll notice the art teams work in every corner of the festival and frankly our words can only do it so much justice, so have a gallery!

Monday July 9th: Believe it or not Upcote Farm isn’t 2000 Trees Shaped all year round.

Day to day Upcote is a working farm, wedding venue (yeah we want to get married here too) and glamping site so the ‘walls’ of 2000 Trees Festival need to be put up before anything else can happen.

Those walls come in the form of metal fencing and each panel is painstakingly pitched by our crew.

The entire perimeter of the site is planned out to within an inch as well as any intersecting or dividing fencing that separates one area from another.

Then, for about two days, the bravest souls amongst us head out into the fields to make those plans a reality – heaving the fencing up into place and securing it into it’s breeze block holders.

It’s no easy job and this year it was done in blistering, relentless, sunshine – fuelled mostly by the end vision and partly by the fact that football’s coming home.

So to all the crew members who did a brilliant job fencing this week: bravo!

2000 Trees Festival – Upcote Farm, 08.07.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith