COMMUNITY: 2000 Trees Festival – Meet The Crew

2018 is afterLIVE’s third year at the incredible 2000 Trees Festival and if there’s one thing we’ve learnt it’s that you’re only as good as your team members. 

So with that in mind we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to just a handful of the incredible crew members that make your favourite festival the marvel that it is.

Megan Bladen, 2000 Trees Festival – Upcote Farm, 10.07.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

Artist – Megan Bladen

Name: Megan Bladen

Location: Cheltenham

Years at 2000 Trees Festival: Two years

How did you get involved?: I heard of 2000 trees Festival when I was a student at Birmingham City University, they were offering some work experience to the students. I knew straight away that I wanted to get involved as I wanted to do some experience in the festival industry, as I wanted to build my portfolio.

Favourite ever 2000 Trees performance: Last year was my first time at the festival and I really enjoyed listening to the different genres of music, listening and learning about new performers but my favourite performance was Mallory knox.

Favourite 2000 Trees memory: I really enjoyed dressing the memory tree last year, the group and I had to use old wrist band from the festival that they had used over the last 10 years.

It was lovely seeing the old photos of the festival and how much it has changed over the years and using memories to dress the tree.

2018 Line-Up Highlight: I can’t wait for the forest sets, I believe they are the best part of the festival seeing performers in a different atmosphere.

Message to 2000 Trees: I just want to say thank you for the great work experience and I have had so much fun over the 2 years working with this company, they are such nice and welcoming team to work with and I would love to come back and help out next year!!!

James Clay, 2000 Trees Festival – Upcote Farm, 09.07.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

Key Volunteer – James Clay

Location: Cheltenham

Years at 2000 Trees Festival: Nine!

How did you get involved?: I came along to work a bar nine years ago and fell in love with the festival immediately. A few weeks later the organisers put out a call for people to help litter pick the site and I came up…that’s when I fell in love with the 6 of them! From there I volunteered to help set up the festival site and a few other weekends throughout the year and now I plan my summer around spending two weeks at Upcote Farm. The festival family I get to see every year are the finest collection of people in the world and I couldn’t imagine life without them every summer.

Favourite ever 2000 Trees performance: Damn, that’s tough! I’ve found so many new favourite acts over the years; Frank Turner, Jim Lockey, Cadbury Sisters, Max Raptor, Soeur…they’ve all been highlights in their time. If I could go back and do one set again though it would have to be Frank doing Love, Ire & Song in The Cave on a Thursday night. The loudest crowd I’ve ever heard! The best performance I can’t remember is Scroobius Pip vs Dan le Sac in The Cave, the photos and videos suggest I had an amazing time but I don’t remember a second of it!

Favourite 2000 Trees memory: What’s the old saying? If you can remember it you weren’t really there… So many amazing stories from over the years but the best bits for me are during the set-up, spending time with the organisers and volunteers and seeing the site come together. The nights around the campfire are the ones I carry with me all year. Another highlight is bringing friends and family to Trees, only a select few over the years, but seeing them fall in love with it and understand why I bang on about it all year is pretty special.

2018 Line-Up Highlight: It’s a BIG year for Trees, 3 amazing headliners on the main stage and so many amazing acts playing stripped back sets in the Forest. I can’t wait for Ben Marwood to open the main stage, we’ve been calling for it for years! Then you’ll find definitely me at Soeur, Skinny Lister and losing my sh*t to And So I Watch You From Afar.

Message to 2000 Trees: I don’t need to send a message to the Trees family because they know how much I love them and how much I appreciate being allowed to be a small part of something so incredible. So instead, a message to the punters… If there’s a gap in the line-up when you can’t choose a band, just go watch something, anything. I guarantee your new favourite band is at Trees you just haven’t heard them yet.

Office Manager (Queen) Kristina Foot.

Kristina Foot, 2000 Trees Festival – Upcote Farm, 08.07.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

Location: Bristol

Years at 2000 Trees Festival: Four Years

How did you get involved?: Whilst I was a student at BIMM Andy Rae, one of the six 2000 Trees Festival organisers, took one of my lectures.

He talked about how the festival was run and what went into planning / completing it and it really caught my attention so I spoke to Andy after the lecture and he asked if I would like to be his intern.

Obviously I snapped up the opportunity and was keen to start! My first year was quite intense: organising passes and wristbands, spreadsheet work and site meetings but I was given the time I needed to get everything done and picked it all up quickly.

I adapted to my role of site/office manager and now it’s safe to say that I’m basically the most important person on site…

The whole crew signs in with me. I prepare them all for their job whilst maintaining our HQ, organising lunch and dinner breaks and coordinating deliveries and traders on site.

They couldn’t do it without me now!

Favourite ever 2000 Trees performance: That same year Mallory Knox did an acoustic set on the Forest Sessions stage. It was the last time I saw Mikey Chapman before he left Mallory Knox but the atmosphere was just out of this world.

Everybody in the forest was singing back to him and Sam Douglas, and they both knew how to involve the crowd in their performance. And that VOICE! It was just OUT OF THIS WORLD! It was one of those sets that I will definitely remember forever, and I think that’s what Trees is about, it’s about those memories, that only come around once a year, and being able to share them with the best kind of people.

Favourite 2000 Trees memory: My favourite Trees memory would probably have to be from 2016, Trees’ 10th Year. The whole team, including the organisers, were absolutely loving life, celebrating a whole decade of amazing music.

One night that year myself and afterLIVE’s Hayley asked Andy (whilst he was in very high spirits) what cows drink. Let’s just say he very quickly changed his answer half way through saying it and then collapsed into laughter.

2018 Line-Up Highlight: The line up this year looks INCREDIBLE! The organisers pull it out of the bag every single year, creating an incredible line up…they really do know their stuff.

I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Enter Shikari, but I think for me, coming to Trees is all about seeing bands that I don’t know! It’s the best way to expand my knowledge of music whilst being immersed in a world that I love.

Message to 2000 Trees: Just keep doing what you’re doing. The team smash it every year and truly are brilliant people. I look forward to this festival all year long because of the. It’s like a massive family and nothing ever changes between us all from year to year. The festival brings so much joy to people and that’s the biggest reward.