Dead Naked Hippies – Sebright Arms, London – LIVE REVIEW

Dead Naked Hippies, Sebright Arms – London, 21.06.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

Every now and again a group of dedicated promoters and musicians come together to create one perfect line up. This was one of those nights. Dead Naked Hippies, GRAVVES and Tom Bright and the Dynamite at East London’s Sebright Arms.

It must be said that your lyrics will always be under a lot of pressure when you choose a band name that rhymes.

Luckily Tom Bright and the Dynamite’s discography more than withstands the scrutiny.

Armed with just an acoustic guitar and a mate on electric, Tom Bright has an instantly relatable and entirely British performance style.

This opening set was more laid back then the rest of the night but not without its own raw emotion. Tom tackled real-life issues in a very heart-on-sleeve way, he just did it acoustically.

With a welcomed British twang to every word – Tom Bright and the Dynamite have planted themselves in a brilliant position. This set could be picked up, slightly reorganised, and then planted in almost any festival or gig line-up and it would go down a treat.

Tom Bright and the Dynamite, Sebright Arms – London, 21.06.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

For now they’re doing a fine job of easing crowds into more explosive sets.

GRAVVES are a genuinely exciting band.

Through two EPs these guys have given well considered, brutally aggressive, tracks that hold so much potential within them it’s enough to raise the hair on your arms. Listening to their records it’s easy to imagine soundtrack credits, summer festival slots and huge crowds losing their minds in mosh pits.

Unfortunately this Thursday night in Bethnal Green is not an exceptionally busy one, and that’s mad.

Standing in front of the stage whilst the insane hooks and savage drums washes over you, it’s easy to assume that the crowd behind you is heaving with ‘goths who want to dance’ and the fact that it isn’t seems disjointed at best.

Crucially, that didn’t affect GRAVVES set one iota, which has to be the sign of an incredible band.

The North Wales trio released their second EP, Oh The Joy, on April 27th and immediately hit the road on a tour of the UK which culminated with two nights in London.

Tonight was the second of those shows and shortly after their set they headed back to Deeside, no doubt in a state of recovery. After all, it has been an extraordinary few months for their band.

Five of the six tracks from Oh The Joy made up tonight’s set list as well as My Pet Rihanna and Heartbeats from last year’s EP, Rattle.

It’s a challenge to mix ferocity and nagging hooks but GRAVVES have stepped up to the plate and then some. They translate their records in to a volatile live show dripping with swagger.

The next step for GRAVVES is to jump onto some carefully selected support slots. Our suggestions? Queens of the Stone Age, Turbowolf or Highly Suspect. All would make for a line up worth queuing for.

GRAVVES, Sebright Arms – London, 21.06.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

Dead Naked Hippies are a powerful post-punk band from Leeds who completely deserve to have the best band name you’ve ever heard.

Brash, full force and dominantly charged, the only thing that stops Dead Naked Hippies from being entirely relentless is the unspoiled vocals of Lucy Jowett (and even they turn to jagged snarls whenever the tracks demand it).

Formed in 2016 Dead Naked Hippies have already established their place in the scene, especially in their own stomping ground with a sold out slot at Live at Leeds last year which whisked them on to the Festival Republic Stage at Leeds Festival weeks later.

Tonight they unleash a cataclysmic wall of sound that can either be viciously moshed to or belligerently danced along with. The choice is entirely yours.

On stage Jowett opts for pugnacious stamping and feverish quaking which is just as apt.

For a band whose instrumental roster is minimal, the noise that they project is remarkable, filling every corner of this basement venue until it feels like it’s fit to burst.

Last year’s self-titled EP is the only Dead Naked Hippies record to date but tracks Smother and Do I Bore You? are particularly faultless examples of the raw and truculent racket that the trio are capable of.

Live it’s almost as if somebody has cranked up the dials to a whole new level and warrants a much, much, sweatier reception.

Tonight was almost a bizarre private viewing of three of the best bands touring the UK today. The kind of gig you tell your friends about whilst waiting in line to see these bands in the surroundings they deserve.




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