Don Broco – Engine Shed, Lincoln – LIVE REVIEW

Don Broco, Engine Shed – Lincoln, 29.04.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

In between the release of their top five album, Technology, and their hotly anticipated Reading and Leeds Festival set Don Broco embarked on one of their most ambitious UK tours to date.

The Bedford lads hit up towns they’ve never visited before including a stop at Lincoln’s Engine Shed and brought an impressively strong roster of support acts with them.

19-year-old Dominic Harrison, who performs as YUNGBLUD, was first up – exploding on to the stage in a fit of anarchic energy and punk panache.

The vigour is 100% punk but YUNGBLUD’s influences spread far and wide. His music takes note from both rock and urban artists whilst his tracks maintain deep meaning.

Looking into the story behind I Love You, Will You Marry Me is bound to bring tears to the eyes but it’s only when you see it live that you realise how relevant this artist is. Tonight was an impressive display and with his tracks being included in the soundtrack for a Netflix series it seems that the industry are taking note.

The LaFontaines continued to wave the flag for genre-blurring but put their own little white cross on a blue background in the corner.

These guys jump from Magaluf weekender to heavy as hell in a split second and with a sensational amount of ease.

The only time tonight’s crowd could take their eyes off of The LaFontaines stage was when they were being commanded to dance, jump or crouch down on the floor ready to launch back up in the air in a move that is rarely displayed for support acts.

Through Under The Storm, Pon De Fonts and What Do I Know? The LaFontaines brought the Scottish party and then some leaving Lincoln well and truly ready for Don Broco.

At this point in the show, at the Oxford date of this tour, things started to go pretty badly wrong.

It started with a medium sized puddle towards the back of the packed in crowd at Oxford’s O2 Academy. It turned into a gushing flood that the venues staff tried hard to stem but ultimately couldn’t.

Eventually security pulled the show and Don Broco took to the stage to apologise and promise that they would return as soon as they could.

Even more unfortunately, this wasn’t the only incident on this tour. On the first night, in Dublin, a lost in-ear meant that the boys were 45 minutes late on to the stage creating much Twitter nonsense.

But tonight Lincoln was the lucky charm.

Don Broco, Engine Shed – Lincoln, 29.04.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

After slightly terrifying the crowd by hovering at the stage entrance for an uncomfortable amount of time (we later found this was because they were filming a clip for Instagram…) Don Broco took ownership of the Engine Shed.

Pretty, Everybody and Good Listener were played in quick fire concession, making the most ferocious first-three possible and a Damiani-at-the-barrier situation happen very early on in the night.

Latest album, Technology, more than dominated tonight’s set list. In fact, Don Broco almost played it in its entirety. That could be because it is the band’s most successful release to date, peaking in the UK charts at #5, or it could be because some of their older material leaves a slightly bad taste for today’s society.

Either way the new tracks are explosively good and are entirely Broco.

This band are evidently doing things in their own way. From their individual style to their release schedule, their invented genre to their song content – it’s all about as close as you’ll get to unique.

That breath of fresh air is appealing to a huge fan base pooled from various ends of the musical spectrum and collected from a variety of support slots around the world. With shows like tonight under their belt those support slot days may well be coming to an end.

Don Broco are one of just a  few bands to sell out multiple dates of a UK headline tour this year and it’s not surprising. Tonight’s set was perfectly brutal and recklessly flawless.

Through Priorities (the only song played tonight from Broco’s debut album of the same name) Money Power Fame and Thug Workout the quartet crashed around the stage with skill maintaining a knee buckling vocal performance from Rob Damiani and an unbreakable crowd connection.

For ten years we’ve all suspected that Don Broco might be the next best British rock band and tonight they might have proved it.

See our gallery here

Don Broco, Engine Shed – Lincoln, 29.04.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith


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