Frank Iero and The Patience – Brighton – 25.09.2017 – LIVE REVIEW

Frank Iero and The Patience, Concorde 2 -Brighton, 25.09.2017
Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

Following his UK festival-exclusive run at Slam Dunk, Frank Iero and The Patience returned to the UK last month, hitting up Brighton’s Concorde 2 just three days after unleashing the emblematically named new EP Keep the Coffins Coming.

Take it from someone who knows, the UK has had a lot of love for Frank Iero for many years. But take a look at his album artwork and the amount of UK runs his done in the past three years and you’ll see the feeling is mutual.

With that level of shared respect, a Frank Iero and The Patience UK show is bound to be something special. The Brighton date was nothing short of exceptional.

Opening up was Dutch grunge outfit The Paceshifters, delivering a moody almost atmospheric experience, setting the tone perfectly.

By stark contrast, The Homeless Gospel Choir’s heart-rendingly-funny performance is the exact sort of musical protest the world needs. Derek Zanetti sings with the perfect balance of anger and compassion, connecting to the audience through a communal search for acceptance.

Completing the nights exceptional supporting-line up were Dave Hause and The Mermaid. A true Rock ‘n’ Roll outfit with a touching message – the Philly 5-piece talked about the surprises that life can afford and conceded that tonight was one of them.

Dave Hause and The Mermaid, Concorde 2 – Brighton, 25.09.2017
Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

As a solo artist Iero has shown the world the seemingly unending list of his talents. Not only is he credited with playing every instrument (bar the drums) on all of his solo project’s recordings but as a front man he is sublime.

It has never been in doubt that Iero brings a feverish amount of punk-rock aggression to the stage but in between white-knuckle songs the crowd sees something almost completely contrasting and utterly endearing.

Take his intro for Best Friends Forever (But Not Now) as a prime example. Iero states, with a glint in his eye, that he has a best friend and that: “she’s about this tall and her name is Lily and she wrote this song.”

Lily is one of Iero’s twin daughters and this is one of the most beautiful sentiments ever uttered on stage.

Whilst talking with afterLIVE ahead of his Brighton set, Iero said that one of the most defining moments of his band was: “writing a song with my kids and then getting to record it with Steve Albini and then playing it across the world and having kids sing along.”

This level of grounded openness may well be what ingratiates frnkiero: Party Dad to so many people.

That being said, tonight’s set list is a masterpiece. Spanning the entirety of Iero’s solo career and throwing in covers of David Bowie’s It Ain’t Easy and The Beatle’s Helter Skelter for good measure is an incredible statement of musical aptitude and individual personality.

Nowadays it seems that Frank Iero is exactly where he wants to be, doing exactly what he wants to do creatively and otherwise. The result? An adrenaline charged live show, evocative recordings and a fan base who couldn’t relate more if they tried.


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WORDS: Hayley Smith

Frank Iero and The Patience, Concorde 2 – Brighton, 25.09.2017
Photo Credit: Hayley Smith