Vukovi, 2000 Trees Festival – Upcote Farm, 12.07.2018 Photo Credit: Charlotte Hall

We only mentioned it a few hundred times but we’re big fans of 2000 Trees Festival.

It is a scientific (probably) fact that the best thing about festivals is their ability to find your new favourite band for you.

You’ll be wandering across the field, soaking in the weather (in one way or another) drinking a beer, eating a burger and suddenly you’ll hear something.

At 2000 Trees Festival 2017 that’s what happened to us and what we heard was a relentless party, electronically infused and infectiously fun.

What we heard was Vukovi.

Formed in Scotland in 2010, Vukovi is the remains of other projects that ended for various reasons, proving once again that Plan B is often the best.

One of those projects was called ‘Wolves’. Use Google Translate to turn that into Siberian and you’ll discover how the name Vukovi was born.

The beast they created is a neon coloured, uncompromising, vociferous wonder that detonates at the beginning of every set and doesn’t begin to unwind for hours later.

That frenzied live show has been compressed into Vukovi’s 2017 self-titled debut album – a strong contender for release of the year since no other record so perfectly displayed a bands character or temperament.

Even the artwork LOOKS like Vukovi since after its release the band donned jumpsuits of the same colour on stage for months.

The twelve track record is unyielding from beginning to end, kicking off with an instant favourite in La Di Da.

Starting with a crash this track has all the Vukovi trademarks – flawless vocals that cut from higher pitched soprano-world notes to vigorous assertions of “tell me to my fucking face” along with brash guitar riffs and a crowd participation chant to die for.

If ever there was a band that NEEDED a crowd participation chant it’s Vukovi since their fans are bat crap crazy.

Let’s take 2000 Trees 2018 as an example. Their Thursday afternoon set in the Cave was complete and utter carnage.

Vukovi, 2000 Trees Festival – Upcote Farm, 12.07.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

From the second the quartet exploded on to the stage the fans saw Vukovi’s every levels and raised it.

A more than hectic mosh pit cracked open early on and persevered for the whole half hour whilst crowd surfers were coming in thick and fast, much to the delight of vocalist Janine Shilstone who was straddling the barrier at the time.

Constant exclaims of “it’s Thursday afternoon guys!” made it less than a surprise that Janine cited this as one of the most defining moments in Vukovi’s history when she faced the afterLIVE Grab Bag later that day – but more on that another time.

So if you’re down for a band who wears matching outfits and incites mini riot-raves every time they play, even if it’s four in the afternoon, then look up Vukovi and thank us later.





Vukovi, 2000 Trees Festival – Upcote Farm, 12.07.2018 Photo Credit: Charlotte Hall








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