Kid Kapichi – The Carlisle, Hastings – LIVE REVIEW

Kid Kapichi, The Carlisle – Hastings, 07.04.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

Most UK cities have their musical icons. Sheffield has Arctic Monkeys. Manchester has Oasis. Leicester has Kasabian. The towns are no different – Hastings has Kid Kapichi.

The recently released EP, Lucozade Dreams, is the latest in a long string of successes from indie-rockers Kid Kapichi. To celebrate they took the new tracks across the UK, landing in their hometown for the ultimate tour end.

Hasting’s The Carlisle was already moist with sweat by the time Kid Kapichi kicked off with Take It On The Chin – the perfect opener since its intro beat begs for clapped hands all round.

The dripping crowd here tonight are the band’s friends, family and long standing fans so their older material is received with all the head thrashing and prodigal dancing that it deserves.

But the new tracks are the reason we’re all here and both Jack Jones and Puppet Strings go down exceptionally well.

Jack Jones is a nod to the cockney traits often evident in this part of the country, heightened by Ben Beetham’s natural vocal accent shining through on every track, with a ‘na na na’ that would drag the noise out of any crowd.

Kid Kapichi, The Carlisle – Hastings, 07.04.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

Puppet Strings is, frankly, a masterpiece. Bass and guitar riffs that physically move through you start ominously, slowly, before growing into a ferocious beast of a track and taking you with it.

At time of writing Puppet Strings has 1264 plays on Spotify but at least 50% of those plays might be us or the people we’ve recommended it to.

Live, it’s even better. As natural performers Kid Kapichi matched the phenomenal energy of tonight’s crowd and then some. Guitarists Ben Beetham and Jack Wilson are already hailed for their faultless sharing of riffs but that cooperative nature is entrancing to watch live.

It doesn’t feel that any of these tracks are new since the quartet already seem so comfortable with tonight’s set list. In fact, they already seem like classics with iconic earworm lyrics.

Kid Kapichi can certainly be compared to several other artists. They have a similar indie vibe to Arctic Monkeys – but much more brutal. They’re as raw as Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes – but much more catchy.

Tonight proves that their live show is good enough to be pitted against those big dogs.

Whatever other bands are doing – Kid Kapichi are doing it better.

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Kid Kapichi, The Carlisle – Hastings, 07.04.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith


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