Yur Mum, The Exchange – Bristol, 22.02.2018 Photo Credit: Charlotte Hall

Take it from people who know – when you put the name ‘Yur Mum’ on a gig poster, people take notice.

It’s pretty hilarious, and definitely serves a purpose of attracting attention but the name matches these guys perfectly.

Formed in London in 2016, Yur Mum are a three-piece grunge band who happen to be the epitome of good rock music.

Their name is as in-your face as they are and definitely just as eccentric. Whilst people might come for the name they definitely stay for the ferocious sound.

Guitarist Akos Gado delivers classically impressive guitar riffs synonymous with the best hard rock bands in the world.

Not only does forceful and hyper-aggressive shredding seem to come easy to Gado but more delicate and beguiling phrases sit comfortably in his repertoire too.

Just take a look at the piercing guitar solo during Igor The Gypsy and then the irresistible country-esque licks during Happy Mantra. Gado’s is more than an impressive range.

On the drums, Fabio Couto matches Gado’s speed and aptitude creating a formidable backbone just as brutal as it needs to be but framing the guitar perfectly.

Yur Mum, The Exchange – Bristol, 22.02.2018 Photo Credit: Charlotte Hall

Upfront is Anelise Couto. This woman plays the bass at a formidable pace and may well be one of the most indispensable bass players on the scene. Her vocals simply make her a star.

Much like the riffs, Couto can switch between assertive growls and irresistible purring about as quickly as she can pluck the bass. A deep, full, grunge-throttle voice with an offset punk edge gives Yur Mum an identity that can’t be matched.

By the time these guys are collapsed on the floor during their last songs there’s not one person in the building who hasn’t been blown away.

It’s in no way surprising but Yur Mum have built up a formidable fan base in their short two years. That fan base are not afraid to travel the country, donning their Yur Mum t-shirts, to support this incredible band.

Luckily, it’s not rare to see Yur Mum since they’re one of the hardest working bands on the planet with an extensive touring schedule for 2018 alone – the dates of which you can check out here.

We feel blessed to have welcomed Yur Mum to not one but two of our own shows and, honestly, can’t wait to have them back again.

Through chance Yur Mum headlined the very first afterLIVE show and quickly became firm favourites of ours. Their brash performance, unpolluted hard rock sound and the fact that they’re literally the nicest fucking people made more than an impression on the crowd at The Fighting Cocks last September.

So much so that we didn’t need asking twice to welcome them back. In fact we basically begged them. Either way they headlined our February show in Bristol, and smashed that too.

London’s music scene is potentially more vibrant now then it’s ever been, despite a turbulent industry and regular venue closures.

In the very heart of it is Yur Mum. An explosive band leading the way for a pack of acts that can’t help but admire them.



Yur Mum, The Exchange – Bristol, 22.02.2018 Photo Credit: Charlotte Hall


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