Mayday Parade – 27.09.2017 – LIVE REVIEW

Mayday Parade, Concorde 2, Brighton, 27/09/2017, Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

On July 11th, 2007, Florida’s Mayday Parade released A Lesson in Romantics. The debut full-length album stayed in the charts for 70 consecutive weeks, sold over 200,000 copies and has remained a firm fan favourite for a decade. It was time for an anniversary party.

Tonight’s main support act at Brighton’s Concorde 2 are to Pop-Punk what Mayday Parade are to Emo. Australia’s With Confidence are a down to earth staple of their scene whose insanely catchy tracks and overly fun live show are catching hearts worldwide.

Their Brighton set was a lesson in how to do Pop-Punk right, surprising a crowd who came prepared to watch one of the most heart-rending albums played in full.

With Confidence, Concorde 2, Brighton, 27/09/2017, Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

A Lesson In Romantics and, indeed, Mayday Parade as a whole, grew into the space in which it was born. Though positively received on its release the album stayed close to the hearts of many as they grew older, and its timeless charm is what has magnified its artistry.

A decade later and it’s finally being viewed for the masterpiece that it is.

To suitably celebrate A Lesson In Romantics the album was played through in its entirety from beginning to heart-breaking end.

As we approach the age of the anniversary at warped speed, these kinds of sets are becoming more and more common place but not losing their appeal one iota since the idea takes the crowd on nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster.

It didn’t feel that Mayday Parade had been on stage for longer than a second before we were plunged into the tear-jerker Miserable At Best. It came almost without warning but, of course, everybody at the Concorde 2 knows that track list off by heart.

Whilst there wasn’t a dry-eye left in the house after this set the band themselves have incredible energy. If you saw Mayday Parade perform with ‘mute’ turned on (no I don’t know why you would either but stick with me) you would be forgiven for thinking you were watching a pop-punk show.

The band flew around the stage blissfully ignoring the overwhelming heat coming from the pit as the crowd matched their vigour.

As the final tracks of A Lesson In Romantics came to a close, and a sublime cover of Punk Rock Princess passed, there was still time to appreciate the other blessings from Mayday Parade’s career.

Terrible Things featured on the 2006 EP Tales Told By Dead Friends and is, arguably (but not so much arguably) the most emotional, spine tingling, goose bump inducing song ever written.

To see it live is remarkable but tonight the venues lights were shut off for this song. There was no need for them. The crowd used their phones to successfully light the stag. By the time the full band crashed back into action and the venues lights flooded the stage in pink – well, it took a second to regain your breath.

With one teary eye kept close to the crowd you might think that they loved this set just as much as they did ten years ago, but you would be wrong. They love it a lot more.

For the past couple of years and indeed the next couple too we’ve had the opportunity to celebrate the anniversaries of many remarkable albums. A Lesson In Romantics earnt its place on that list and this was the perfect way to celebrate Mayday Parade’s remarkable career.



Mayday Parade, Concorde 2, Brighton, 27/09/2017, Photo Credit: Hayley Smith