New Found Glory – O2 Forum, Kentish Town – LIVE REVIEW

New Found Glory, O2 Forum – Kentish Town, 06.10.2017 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

The age of the anniversary tour is well and truly upon us but whilst gleefully celebrating the tenth birthdays of albums and bands left, right and centre one stonker of a landmark date was creeping up on all of us. 20 years of New Found Glory.

New Found Glory formed in 1997 (we did the maths…and read the giant banner on the stage) and with a whopping nine albums, an extensive touring back catalogue and an influence that runs deep into the veins of the scene, they are now truly the Godfathers of Pop-Punk.

With a contribution like that it was only right that NFG celebrated this anniversary with a packed-out date at Kentish Town’s O2 Forum.

Opening the party was Eastbourne’s ROAM who are a prime example of New Found Glory’s deep rooted influence. They all but matched the Florida quartet’s stage energy whilst showcasing tunes from their latest album Great Heights & Nosedives.

Whilst the list of bands to pick from would be unbearably long there is only one support slot tonight. We have two whole albums to get through after all.

It’s been said (by us) that the thing about whole album set lists is that it’s an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. Add a whole second album to that and you have yourself one of the best gigs of the year.

OG and new fans alike were packed to the rafters to see both Sticks and Stones and New Found Glory played in full.   

That means tonight’s set list was populated by the likes of takes a deep breath: Better Off Dead, Dressed To Kill, Sincerely Me, Hit or Miss, Understatement, Something I Call Personality, Head on Collision and, of course, My Friends Over You.

 That’s just to name a few.

New Found Glory, O2 Forum – Kentish Town, 06.10.2017 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

With all of that it shouldn’t be surprising that the crowd surfers were out in FORCE. Tonight’s audience were just as crazy as NFG themselves. With that kind of energy, you would think they were IN the band.

In a way, they kind of ARE in the band. As Chad Gilbert and Jordan Pundik select crowd members (calling them out by name…) to climb up on stage for My Friends Over You it became clear that this community is a real family.

New Found Glory are one of those bands that many of us grew up with. Their songs were the soundtrack to our youth and they continue to grow with us even now.

Their doting fans weren’t only standing in the pit. Hiding in the wings was a super-fan of sorts. One who once stood and watched New Found Glory from the circle and thought to themselves “I should start a band”. This super fan went on to form one of the most successful British bands of recent years.

Mr Dougie Poynter, bassist of McFly, took to the stage for Hit or Miss in a surprisingly heart-warming performance. You would think all of Poynters dreams had already come true but in that moment you could see the sheer joy of joining the mighty New Found Glory on a remarkable stage.

After tonight New Found Glory went on to play TWO more nights in the UK’s capital getting through an awe inspiring six albums in their entirety. That in itself is a mighty achievement sitting at the end of a 20-year long string of achievements.

Long live New Found Glory.

You can see our full gallery of the show here!

New Found Glory, O2 Forum – Kentish Town, 06.10.2017 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith