Seaway – The Joiners, Southampton– LIVE REVIEW

Seaway, The Joiners – Southampton, 16.01.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

There’s no way around it, January is shit. But if there’s one way to get through it it’s to get down to one of the UK’s most notable music venue’s to dance the night away with one of the most fun bands in the world. So we went to see Seaway at Southampton’s The Joiners.

Chester’s Lizzy Farrall served as the classiest opening act possible. With a stripped back, acoustic version of her debut EP, All I Said Was Never Heard, the spotlight focused on Farrall’s exceptional vocals.

A spectacular vocal range and entrancing tone coupled with an emotional performance made Farrall’s set really rather spine tingly and ensured that she is certainly an artist to keep a very close eye on.

From emotionally charged to spectacularly raucous Edinburgh’s Woes took to the stage as potentially the best warm-up act around.

From the outset the wild pop-punkers made it clear that nothing short of crowd carnage would be accepted, and that’s exactly what they got.

Early crowd-surfers and training mosh pits are almost inevitable when the band are this mental. Woe’s 2016 self-titled EP has boosted them up the touring circuit considerably and its songs of fake friends and ‘screaming fuck the world’ are enough to create pop-punk mayhem in any crowd.

Woes, The Joiners – Southampton, 16.01.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

With the audience perfectly primed and ready, Seaway took to the stage armed with a set list spanning three albums and their own, almost suave, brand of pop-punk.

Launching into Best Mistake, from the 2015 album Colour Blind, Seaway had no need to prompt their adoring fans. The not-messing-about mosh pits were cracked open and barely closed throughout the 14-track set.

Lula on the Beach, from latest album Vacation, was easily one of the catchiest songs of 2017, injecting a perfect summer-dance vibe to Seaway’s live show. Impossible not to ‘do be do’ along to, you’ll only love it more when you see the video.

Moving through old and new fan favourites like London, Something Wonderful and Your Best Friend it becomes clear that, whilst pop-punk is all but unavoidable nowadays, Seaway have set themselves apart with a more clean-cut sound and style.

It’s a noticeable forte but it is overwhelmingly charming on stage. Seaway have undoubtedly swept up most of their fan base whilst on the road.

Couple that polished panache with truly smart lyrics and frankly hilarious videos and boom, you have Seaway – one of the most exciting pop-punk bands in the world.

Seaway, The Joiners – Southampton, 16.01.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

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