Mayday Parade – 27.09.2017 – LIVE REVIEW

On July 11th, 2007, Florida’s Mayday Parade released A Lesson in Romantics. The debut full-length album stayed in the charts for 70 consecutive weeks, sold over 200,000 copies and has remained a firm fan favourite for a decade. It was time for an anniversary party. Tonight’s main support act at Brighton’s Concorde 2 are to Pop-Punk what Mayday Parade are to Emo. Australia’s With Confidence are a down to earth staple of their scene whose insanely catchy tracks and overly[…]

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Yur Mum, afterLIVE LIVE, The Fighting Cocks, Kingston, 23/09/2017, Photo Credit: Angelah Betmead

afterLIVE Live – 23.09.2017 – Some Crappy Footage To Say Thank You

We threw our very first party at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston on September 23rd 2017. Here, have some crappy amateur footage of the night that might go someway into expressing how grateful and proud we all are here at afterLIVE. From the very bottom of our hearts we thank all of the bands, the venue and everybody who helped pull the night off. It was a momentous occasion for afterLIVE and we can’t wait for Round Two!    […]

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Frank Iero and The Patience – Brighton – 25.09.2017 – LIVE REVIEW

Following his UK festival-exclusive run at Slam Dunk, Frank Iero and The Patience returned to the UK last month, hitting up Brighton’s Concorde 2 just three days after unleashing the emblematically named new EP Keep the Coffins Coming. Take it from someone who knows, the UK has had a lot of love for Frank Iero for many years. But take a look at his album artwork and the amount of UK runs his done in the past three years and[…]

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