The FIVE bands you can’t miss at Camden Rocks Festival 2018

Mallory Knox, The Haunt – Brighton, 16.04.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

Camden Town is home to some of London’s most legendary live music venues all of which are joining forces this weekend to host the capital’s biggest celebration of established and emerging talent. It’s Camden Rocks weekend.

This year’s line up is monstrously huge with over 200 artists performing over 21 stages. The scheduling task is momentous to say the least so we’ve made things a touch easier for you.

Here are the top five bands you can’t miss.


  1. Mallory Knox.
Mallory Knox, The Haunt – Brighton, 16.04.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

You weren’t going to miss these guys anyway, but just to reinforce the matter. Mallory Knox have been through the ringer and then some over the past year but fought through the loss of vocalist Mikey Chapman with huge success.

Hot off the heels of their first UK headline tour since their line up change, Mallory Knox are fuelled by the overwhelming reaction from fans and industry alike.

Their new material is brawnier and perfectly crafted to suit Sam Douglas, who took over on frontman duty, but they’re not shying away from their older tracks either. Their set is sure to be an inspiring one.


  1. The LaFontaines.
The LaFontaines, Engine Shed – Lincoln, 29.04.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

The Scottish rap-rockers have just slayed crowds whilst touring the UK and Europe with Don Broco. Their lads-holiday party nature crossed with an uncompromising rock undertone made it possibly the best support choice of all time.

If you like your crowds to be passive and dull then ignore this suggestion and don’t see The LaFontaines. They will demand jumping. They will demand screaming. They will demand that the whole venue get down on the floor. The audience will do it.

If you want a blast  of a party then come do some dancing to Under the Storm with the rest of us.


  1. Dead!
Dead!, The Haunt – Brighton, 16.04.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

Dead! made Camden their own when they supported You Me At Six here on the Dr Marten’s Stand for Something Tour back in 2016 but they’re now preparing for their own headline, all but sold out, show at The Underworld in October.

It’s been slow progress for the London quartet, who have done things their own way for around six years, but that independence has been building them a fanbase since day one.

Their sound is classic and instantly sets them apart from their peers. Live, they’re an energetic marvel. When you watch them you can easily imagine telling people about the show in ten years time when they’re selling out huge venues all over the world – leaving all your friends jealous as all hell.

Don’t miss out on that opportunity. Get on this now.


  1. Sleep Token.
Sleep Token, Boston Music Room – London, 08.03.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

It’s hard to ignore a band that has a whole back story.

Sleep Token are entirely anonymous and perform in masks without ever addressing the audience. They describe themselves as “the musical end of a sprawling global cult that worships the deity of ‘Sleep’”

‘Sleep’ is referred to as such because no person could adequately express its name.

If that isn’t reason enough to catch them on Saturday then consider the fact that they are a metal band in every single way apart from their vocals which are pitch perfect, chart capable, lullabies.

Seriously, the whole thing is incredibly interesting.


  1. Kip Kapichi.
Kid Kapichi, The Carlisle – Hastings, 07.04.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

Their recent EP, Lucozade Dreams, is a shining accomplishment combining the influences of Frank Carter, Arctic Monkeys and Black Honey. Tracks like Puppet Strings are setting Kid Kapichi up to be the next leading British rock band.

Live they’re all the British raucous you could hope for direct from the rowdy as hell music haven that is Hastings.

And we’re not just saying that because they’re our home town heroes. They’re genuinely great.