Tiny Moving Parts – The Dome, London – LIVE REVIEW

Tiny Moving Parts, The Dome – London, 13.04.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

Emo is an ever evolving thing and often taken to all kinds of places by all kinds of bands. Today’s leading emo-innovators are more subtle in their sullenness, leaning away from punk and further towards indie, and they’re all being led by the likes of Tiny Moving Parts, who took to the stage at London’s The Dome this month.  

Each date of this UK tour has featured a different opening act and tonight the task was bestowed upon Middle Distance, a band who have been flying the emo flag in Buckinghamshire for some time.

Fresh from supporting Dead! at the 100 Club in February, Middle Distance have been quietly scheming to take over the scene, only popping their heads up for semi-regular massive achievements.

Without much of a to-do they’ve been added to several ‘to-watch’ lists, signed to talent agencies, released praised EPs and snatched coveted support slots all over the place.

Tonight is another chance to show their faces and remind us all that they have some spine-tingling tracks under their sleeves.

Tour residents, Orchards are Tiny Moving Parts’ newest label mates but offer a much more pop sound. Their bouncy style and plinky guitar parts are begging for a more elaborate instrument repertoire. You can’t help but imagine their live show embellished with bongos, ukuleles and xylophones.

Orchard’s are the upbeat third of tonight’s line up with the stage presence to prove it. Dance moves galore and a sweet crowd rhetoric certainly sets them apart but those catchy guitar riffs made them memorable.

Tiny Moving Parts, The Dome – London, 13.04.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

In January Tiny Moving Parts released Swell, which now sits at the end of their discography following three EPs and six studio albums. With such a sizable collection it’s surprising that tonight’s set is about 40 minutes long and consists of just 13 tracks.

But those 13 songs covered the bands career from about 2013 onwards and the uber-fans had little to complain about.

Kicking things off with the new album’s opening track, Applause, the Minnesota three-piece quickly moved on to Headache from 2016’s Celebrate, ticking boxes for everyone in the audience.  

Vocalist Dylan Mattheisen did not slow down for a single second of tonight’s show. In between thrashing through lyrics he was pulled towards the crowd like a magnet to metal. Soaked through within minutes, he physically gave it his all.

Perhaps in coordination with their often sullen lyrics, the performance outside of Mattheisen’s energy was comparatively subdued. Little to no crowd interaction played a part in why this set was surprisingly short.

With little happening between tracks it became noticeable that there’s not much to distinguish old Tiny Moving Parts material from the new or, indeed, each track from the next.

But their almost coy approach has enamoured fans all over the world.

Within seconds of Tiny Moving Parts leaving the stage the crowd at The Dome erupted into demands of “one more song” for which they were rewarded with the first single from Swell, Caution, which was pretty much exactly what they came for.




Tiny Moving Parts, The Dome – London, 13.04.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith




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