Turbowolf – Scala, London – LIVE REVIEW

Turbowolf, Scala – London, 14.03.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

Turbowolf are undefinable and uncontrollable. Tonight they threw a party in London on the penultimate date of their UK tour.  

Brighton’s Big Spring were the night’s opening band. The first of three acts who are all noted for having created their own interesting sounds, Big Spring’s performance was a focused one.

On point vocals and an undeniable connection were only slightly weakened by a rigid stage presence that will certainly by warmed up once their fan base has grown.

London’s Puppy were next up. Expertly selected support and festival slots have done wonders for this band. They have certainly developed their performance and sound, now delivering flawless sets. Both support acts will have undoubtedly picked up a few fans tonight.

Over the years many have tried to define Turbowolf and failed. A huge range of influences has given a solid rock back bone with an dense layer of psychedelic synth on top…and then the rest.

Whatever the genre – it translates into the biggest fucking party you’ve ever been to.

Turbowolf, Scala – London, 14.03.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith

There was no need for elaborate staging or lighting since Turbowolf are all the production you could ask for. Lead singer Chris Georgiadis took to the stage in a white suit and gold frilled shirt before leading his crowd through one of the most exciting sets of 2018.

Half of that set came straight from new album The Free Life, reviews of which haven’t been overly complimentary to date – even ours. Live, however, these tracks take on a life of their own and cannot be a faulted.

Capital X, Cheap Magic and Very Bad all left the crowd breathless since they demand chaotic dancing at the very least, the vibrations from which could be felt through every corner of London’s Scala.

Of course, the audience weren’t alone out there. Georgiadis joined them in the pit at more than one point tonight. Since he was the life and soul of this party, it seemed only right.

Both bassist Lianna Davies and guitarist Andy Ghosh gave much more reserved performances but were spellbinding nevertheless. That irresistible and undeniable rock foundation that carries Turbowolf’s more experimental features comes from their sublime rock and roll skill.

After an exceptional 13-track-set the crowd was left literally begging for an encore to no avail. Seems like Turbowolf are no strangers to the most prevalent performance tactics.



Turbowolf & You, Scala – London, 14.03.2018 Photo Credit: Hayley Smith